Ninetyeight - Review - Morrell House 98, Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London

"If it's crazy, we do it", says Kath (the owner), who proudly keeps watch over her territory. If you didn't know this place existed you would walk straight past it. Descend a windy staircase from street level and enter into a completely different world. It's not often I'm truly awe-struck by a bar's interior but this place blew my mind: an underground bar with antiques and cakes and ornate decorations everywhere. As you work your way through this narrow kingdom, you come across an atrium with a grand piano and a wonderfully cosy, candlelit back bar with beautifully hand-picked sofas and furniture. In the meantime a DJ is playing brilliant funky-house and the bar is buzzing. The cocktail list is by no means cheap but really inventive, with drinks consisting of lavender infused rum, egg whites, chunks of sugar cane, molecular deconstructions and even blueberries in my mojito! The mixologists know their stuff too and try every cocktail before it's served up. Just to finish it off there are homemade candles with lick-able flavoured wax - Kath did promise craziness! This is a must go to bar for birthday drinks, dates and pre-drinks in Shoreditch. Forget ninetyeight, this bar gets 100 from me. 

Ninetyeight bar and lounge Cocktails £9.00