Meltdown The Gamers' Paradise
342 Caledonian Road, London, N1 1BB
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Meltdown is London's first ever 'eSports' bar, catering to anyone who loves video games. With two open in Berlin and Paris, Meltdown in London is sure to attract a huge crowd of gamers. The unique, game themed cocktail list makes it a great place to play and watch games or just hang out. Force Field, a red martini filled shot glass inverted into a tumbler filled with vodka and rum and then set on fire, is definitely a crowd favourite. With various gaming stations set up, you can play everything from Starcraft and League of Legends to Street Fighter and old-school arcade controllers. The only place in London providing the perfect night out for gamers.

What we say:

Gamers can now leave the house and flock to the only bar in London made specifically for them. Meltdown promises big things and does not disappoint. Even if you're not interested in playing the games it's worth going just to try the amazing game-themed cocktails and hang out at the huge bar. The wide variety of games offer something for everyone and the weekly tournaments promise to be big nights. A cool place to go with a big group of friends if you're looking for something a little different any night of the week.