Booking Office Restaurant and Bar Swish St Pancras Hotel Bar
St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel Euston Road, London, NW1 2AR
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When the Midland Grand Hotel opened in 1873, Britain, and indeed Europe, was at the height of a mixed drink explosion. The publication of Loftus€™ €œNew Mixing Book€ and Terrington€™s €œCooling Cups and Dainty Drinks€, both in 1869, paved the way for a new kind of enjoyment in the taverns, saloons, public houses and apothecaries of Victorian London. The restoration of this great hotel has provided the inspiration for the Booking Office Bar, which will list an array of punches and mixed drinks recreated from lost recipes from the era, as well as a range of bespoke and seasonal cocktails that will change accordingly. The bar team will be expertly mixing a range of Victorian and Contemporary punches, served in hand€made copper punch bowls, as well as pouring a range of ales, ciders, perries and porters from historical and contemporary brewers across Britain.

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