Eclipse South Kensington - London Cocktail Bar Review

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Last updated . By Laura Jean Buckley.

Let’s face it, any bar within the royal borough of South Kensington and Chelsea is going to nice, or should I say delightful. But Eclipse South Kensington isn’t just nice, it really is delightful and unlike many places in this charming borough, Eclipse finds the perfect balance between great taste, great drinks and a genuinely fun-loving atmosphere – so much so, you’ll be back again and again. Trust me.

Eclipse South Kensington Bar

The decor at Eclipse is very "Art Deco with a modern twist", dimly lit and sensual.

The Ambience

As you enter, the bijou feel to the bar is quickly apparent, and works well; giving the bar a very intimate feel. The atmosphere is relaxed with general chit chatter between groups and couples, mostly over bottles of (fine) wine. As the night moves on however, there is a distinct change - with more groups arriving (10pm-ish) and cocktails being a primary drink all round. As for 11pm, the bar becomes very popular and masses of polished socialites head to the club downstairs.

Outside of Eclipse in South Kensington

The classy fun time club downstairs really gets going on the weekends.

The Venue

The venue is stunning - Art Deco with a modern twist – as well as dimly lit low slung lighting too, but with contemporary contrasting strips of neon in the floor, which gives it an interestingly sharp but still slightly eclectic feel. The booths give it a VIP feel, and the staff make sure you feel like one too. Whatever kind of night you are after you can have it here, as long as you don’t mind being treated like royalty that is.

The Drinks

‘The Eclipse’ is to. die. for.

It really is that amazing: This is the watermelon martini the club is actually based on. Made up of vodka, Kaffir Lime infused gomme and then topped up with fresh watermelon - It is literally the best cocktail I have ever, ever had - and then of course, there’s a whole host of cocktails that are also superlatively good from the knickerbocker martini to the Manhatten, each made with a unique taste to this bar thanks to their uniquely classy spirits used. This cocktail bar in London is a must visit for cocktail lovers everywhere. 

Bar at South Kensington's Eclipse

Relax in the beautiful setting of Eclipse, before the night takes over and the party begins.


It’s almost necessary to try all the cocktails on the menu here as they really are that good, so if you consider yourself a connoisseur this place is most definitely for you. And once this tedious – yeah right, obligation is complete make sure you head to the club downstairs. Playing an array of house music each weekend, you’ll be partying ‘til the early morn on their spacious dance floor and sipping cocktails in your very own VIP booth.