Eclipse Chelsea has long been on my ‘to visit’ list; so I took the opportunity to head down to SW3 for a few cocktails, and to see whether this Chelsea drinking spot could live up to all the hype.

The Venue;

I arrived at Eclipse a little ahead of my friends, and was met by a serene and cosy bar ambience. Red and taupe are the colours that dominate throughout; mixed with soft leather and rich, dark wood - this is a chic venue that is made even better with the dim lighting and soft glow of candles. The bar is extremely welcoming and very cosy, however it is an intimate space for all of the guests that eventually cram in to dance and drink throughout the night.

eclipse chelsea review 1

Eclipse Chelsea is a dark and seductive London bar, with a suave ambience.

The Atmosphere & Clientele:

The ambience was cosy and chic when we arrived but slowly ramped up in intensity as the night progressed. Eclipse Chelsea is definitely more of a party place than a bar you would choose to meet friends for a chat or for an intimate date. The crowd gets quite wild and are really up for it; so I would suggest coming here for a fabulous drink before heading to a London club, or as somewhere to stay and dance late into the night. After a few drinks Eclipse Chelsea becomes a throng of dancing and fun that continues late into the evening, adding a really enjoyable atmosphere to the West London sophistication.

eclipse chelsea review 2

Dancing between the tables transforms Eclipse Chelsea into a buzzing night out in London.

The Food & Drinks:

We paired out drinks with a Brain Food platter of fresh salmon sushi as well as a mezze platter of pitta, houmous, cucumber and olives - all delicious, and a welcome snack before drinking.

We of course had to try Eclipse’s signature cocktail ‘The Eclipse’, served with watermelon, it is lovely and refreshing and definitely one to order each time you visit! We had a few other bits of the fantastic cocktail list; the Royal Raspberry Mojito (a twist on a classic) and The Lichu (very refreshing) and the Walton Street Sour (super sweet and frothy with a light foam topping). Special shout out has to go to the Crackbaby shots too, sugary sweet and topped off with Champagne, very decadent.

eclipse chelsea review 3

With a top signature cocktail, it's easy to see why Eclipse is a great London cocktail bar.


We were sad to be leaving this Chelsea party haven. However with a belly full of tasty cocktails, we left very satisfied and next time vowed to stay until the bitter end. A great place for an end of week party in West London, Eclipse Chelsea comes highly recommended.