Untitled Bar Cocktail supremo Tony Conigliaro to open Warhol-inspired third bar in Hackney
538 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AH

What they say:

Following on from 69 Colebrook Room and Bar Termini, cocktail supremo Tony Conigliaro has opened his third venue in Hackney. Based on the Kingsland Road, the venue homes local artists' work and offers them a chance to sell their wares. The cocktail menu features 12 drinks that all focus on a different sense, from sight to sound and smell, and the bar snacks are also designed to complement the tipples. The space is inspired by Andy Warhol's Silver Factory which was infamous for its parties and cool clients who liked to frequent the artist's studios.

What we say:

Tony Conigliaro is serious about his cocktails, as well as owning two renowned bars, he also has his own laboratory where he mixes up his molecular concoctions. It makes sense that his third venue should be in cocktail-loving East London. As well as serving rocking drinks, the venue has a huge concrete table for communal dining and drinking, coffee is by Dark Arts and drinks are served in vessels designed by a 3D printing company.