Peters & Co. Gin Palace Mother's Ruin Hits Broadway Market
9 Broadway Market, London, E8 4PH
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Occupying the venerable F. Cooke Pie & Mash shop on Broadway Market, Peters & Co arrive in East London as purveyors and drinkers of only the finest gin. Head down to discover the majesty of their 30 finest gins and fancy gin cocktails - enter feeling optimistic and possibly leave ruined (but with an elusive sparkle in your eye, a slightly sinister smile and the promise of a continued liaison). If you're in need of a good bit of ballast after a hefty session on the gin, look forward to savouring a select choice of food boards featuring award winning local cheeses, British charcuterie and home smoked Shetland Isle salmon.

What we say:

Mother's ruin? Absolutely not. We're talking only the finest Gin cocktails at Peters & Co. Gin Palace, and trust us - they've got all sorts of fabulously fruity treats up their sleeves. With thirty blends to keep all you thirsty little East Londoners suitably parched for the duration of 2014, they've even planned for the hangover, serving up a selection of seasonal and medicinal cordials that'll make you feel better, we promise. They're letting little away, but considering their enviable position on Broadway Market, there is no doubt that Peters & Co will draw in a consistently attractive crowd.