Draughts London's First Board Game Cafe
337 Acton Mews, London, E8 4EA
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Founder Hamand knew he'd hit a stroke of genius with his idea for a new concept cafe when he realised that someone else was planning on doing the same thing just round the corner. Luckily, ex-engineer Hamand and Nick Curci decided to team up instead of go head to head to create the first board game cafe in London. Oxford's Thirsty Meeples which opened in July 2013 runs along similar lines, and is thriving with an eclectic mix of students, mature dedicated players and just plain thirsty walk-in customers keeping the place busy day and night. It's clear that there is going to be no shortage of eager customers for Draughts either, because with no time or game limit and the cost of playing a choice of 500 games at only £5, this cafe-bar will be accessible for a broad audience of game and alcohol enthusiasts alike.  

What we say:

London's East has always been the fount of The Next Big Thing, and we here at DesignMyNight are glad that the newest trend in bars has nothing to do with tapping at screens or clicking at phones, and everything to do with rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck in. For an audience of drinkers who actually enjoy the company of their real, physical friends, Draughts will be a welcome oasis of human interaction and activity. The addition of alcohol to the equation is just a bonus; a wild card which'll add a bit more attitude into the mix. We're hoping there'll be tipsy brawls and fisticuffs at dawn over finding cases of banker embezzlement in Monopoly, or sneakily moved players in chess. The prospect of board game speed-dating is also a welcome possibility; everyone finds the blind rage of a sore loser attractive right?