This venue has now closed.

Coffee meets cocktails at this swanky little FItzrovia pad. Shame about the coffee, I went for the cocktails. She’s like the best friend you’ve always wanted; fun, flirty and full of cocktails. It's time to Love Die Late.

The Venue

Feeling somewhat like a contemporary diner with a bit of retro persuasion from America’s bygone days of Grease lightening, Love Die Late knocks up a parlour of pink washed walls and baby blue chairs. You’ll find vintage posters and random memorabilia decorating the place striking up an interior style that reflects the content marriage of 50s cool and 70s swagger (minus any shag carpets, unfortunately). The whole vibe is one big throwback to the ‘good old days’ where you can lounge with a drink in hand rather than stack it on the dance floor. Downstairs is where the cocktail side comes out the play; its darker and more seductive other half has an intimate bar at one end and a square shaped sofa that really puts any other concept of ‘lounging’ to shame. Projected on the back wall is a selection of classic films with the likes of Casablanca and Singin’ in the Rain flickering away. If you haven't noticed already, Love Die Late is a beau of period supping. 

Love Die Late

A hybrid of retro style and vintage character

The Drinks

Going back to the bible for my first taste of their drinks selection, the Apple & Eve caught my eye. She was a pretty punchy number - vodka Martini, extra dry style with organic apple cordial. Dabbling in a little francaise fancy, I was about to delight in a French Affair: Gin, lemon, sugar, tincture and, of course, Champagne. Think tart and tangy, with a flourish of fizz at the end. Generally pleased by pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, we decided to give the Epicolada a whirl. A monsoon of tropical flavour with a coconut dusted rim sitting atop a glass of Rum and almond washed pineapple juice. Next up was the aptly named Steeped in Blush where you’ll find homemade honey bush cordial blended with raspberry infused Gin, lime, angostura bitters and soda. Now that is sitting pretty. (All of these beauties came in at £9.50).

Love Die Late

Coconut dustings, whipped egg whites and home made infusions await

The Atmosphere:

There was something pleasantly cosy and intimate to Love Die Late. Upstairs felt like the playful half; ideal for a casual coffee by day or cheeky cocktail come nightfall. This bar definitely serves a more sit down function than a stand at the bar kind of vibe with the staff coming to your table to wait on you and bring snacks. It's a very relaxed atmosphere, only accentuated by a trip down stairs where the projections of black and white films add to the period ambience. 

Love Die Late

Take a seat at the back and drink your way into sepia tones and floral wallpapers. 

The Summary

Tucked away in Fitzrovia, Love Die Late satisfies all manner of cravings, toting a barista physique of rich coffee blends during the day and then transforming into a plush pad of mixology come the evening. Cool, seductive and stylish with a taste for liquor. Love Die Late is your one night in Paris...shh.