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High-End Burger Restaurant & Cocktail Bar Opens In Fitzrovia

BOBO Social

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What they say:

Bobo Social brings high-end burgers and deliciously sweet cocktails to the West End's Charlotte Street this summer. Wear loose-fitting garms, because there are some indulgent treats to be had here. Rare-breed beef from Sussex is expertly prepared via the Lumpwood Charcoal oven, and you'll be able to sample quirky creations like the Lobster & Crab or Peanut Butter Burgers. There's also room for a nifty basement cocktail bar that will serve up delish concoctions like the Death By Chocolate Martini and Apple Crumble to a discerning crowd.

What we say:

Taking up residency in a prime Fitzrovia location, the West End's newest kid on the block has plenty of eye-catching features. It's refreshing to see a variety of burgers that extends beyond the usual bacon and cheese offerings, and the venue's insistence on offering smaller plates means there's plenty of reason to come by if you just want a lighter nibble. The cocktails look intriguing and the shabby chic basement bar will surely prove a huge hit once the clock strikes 5pm and London's after-work crowd flood out on to the streets.