Smiths of Smithfield  is a multi-faceted, multi-storey venue, in the heart of Farringdon. Now considering that Farringdon is around the corner from me, my knowledge of the area is far from adequate,  so I jumped in a taxi and found myself at the doors of Smiths of Smithfield.

The Venue

Smiths of Smithfield is made up of 4 floors, with a different theme and different atmosphere on each.  The ground floor resembles your typical boozer – draught beer, more people standing than sitting, bar snacks, faster food, and loud music. The first floor lounge and cocktail bar has a calmer feel to it, there are tables perfect for smaller groups, and dates. There are also seats at the bar if you want one of the bartenders to take you through the 70-strong whisky collection.

The dining room sits on the second floor. This is the more casual of the two dining options with an open plan kitchen, oak tables and chairs, seasonal dishes and a fun and friendly atmosphere. The fine dining option on the top floor is quite special. Here you will find beautiful panoramic views of London – with terrace seating, outdoor music, a space for a mini bar and patio heaters. All of the floors have an entirely different feel and will pander to different moods, but having them all in one space makes Smiths of Smithfield a real force.

The Ground Floor at Smiths of Smithfield The first floor lounge and cocktail bar at Smiths of Smithfield.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

As you ascend Smiths of Smithfield the atmosphere and clientele changes. On the ground floor you are likely to find quick, after-work drinkers or people wanting a more lively bar vibe. The first floor is where you're likely to find cocktail lovers, martini drinkers, small groups or dates. The dining room on the second floor is filled with casual diners and perhaps those that have decided to eat last minute, this has more of a steakhouse or New York diner feel. The top floor is an elegant affair - this is where you find those willing to spend a bit extra on their meal. The suits are all tailor-made, the women are wrapped in pearls and the music turns from chart to soothing jazz or classical, very swish.

The Second Floor Dining Room at Smiths of Smithfiield The dining room on the second floor at Smiths of Smithfield.

The Food and Drink

The 70 strong whisky collection was an impressive treasure chest of bourbon, Scotch, Japanese whisky and single malts. For those who prefer something softer, there is also plenty on offer. With classic and signature cocktails (£7.50), a great selection of bottled beers and ciders and wines (£17.95). The food is the final piece in a very enjoyable puzzle. Particular highlights were the Orkney Scallops, Black Pudding, Lardo di Colonnata, Cauliflower (£14); and the 8oz Hereford Sirloin - 38 days dry aged on the bone (£30).

The Roof Terrace Restaurant at Smiths of SmithfieldThe roof terrace dining room at Smiths of Smithfield has some amazing views.


On my meandering peruse around Farringdon, before I hopped in a taxi, I noticed this place is hardly lacking in dining and drinking options. Despite this, Smiths of Smithfield was thriving on each floor. It seems it has won the people of Farringdon over, and it isn’t surprising, it has certainly won me over – a great evening, on every floor.