Dado 54 New Party Bar Lights Up City Scene
54 Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4BD

What they say:

Dado 54 claim to be something a little different from the rest of the homogenous chain bars pulling in the punters on a Saturday night. It offers a quality night with a side of charm; which means great cocktails made by experienced bartenders in a setting as full of quirkiness as its oddball name suggests. The bar throws the full works at its customers, and is the perfect venue for a party; big open plan interconnecting rooms with plenty of space for throwing some shapes, as well as a fully-stocked bar, (and some rather handsome barmen might we add) on hand to create whatever concoction will make your night go off with a bang. 

What we say:

The interior of Dado 54 appears to be all minimal and restrained at first; perfect for those after work drinks with the office. But it has a few interesting features thrown into the rough mix of exposed brick and raw metal -  a few large pop-art wall installations, hanging bulb lights and drinks served off of old vintage suitcases all make this Farringdon bar a little more kooky than a first impression would have it. The bar hits the spot just right for the kind of meet-up with friends that perfectly transitions, or should we say descends, into merry late-night dancing.