Be At One Farringdon - Cocktail Bar Review

Published . By Jess Halladay.

Recently the word 'chain' seems to instantly create a misguided image of standardised quality, robotic service, and generic venues … this I am happy to rejoice could not be further from the truth for Be At One.

The Venue:

Situated on the corner of a quiet street across from Smithfield Market you can find Be At One Farringdon. Its distinct blue and white neon lights hanging above the doors, marking its presence. Reminiscent of an American speakeasy; the venue adorns dark wooden furnishings, dim lighting, high bars and tables, exposed vents and an impressively stocked bar, equipped to the nines to cater for your cocktail needs.

This cheeky gang whip up 100+ concoctions in a slick speakeasy setting.

Atmosphere and Clientele:

Upon entering, you are greeted with a genuine warm welcome through the ambience created by excited chatter of friends and colleagues, lively mood enhancing music and casual, open planned seating. The bartenders are as friendly as they are knowledgeable on cocktail craft, and with Be At One’s extensive cocktail list, they really could not be any more inviting!

Lively chatter, those famed bartenders and open-plan seating make for a comfortable atmosphere.

The Drinks:

No matter how tempting the 100+ cocktails may be, the torment lies in the fact you will not be able to try them all… in one evening that is. You can only imagine my elation when told that by downloading the Be at One App, there is an extra 'Happy Hour' to be enjoyed! Not only can you sip on £5 cocktails for another hour, if you are lucky enough to be served by Anthony, Senior Bartender at the venue, you must ask for his championship winning creation the Brick Lane. Instantly living up to it's heritage, this delightful blend comes packed with hints of chilli, coriander and mango to give it the authentic Indian flavours, balanced perfectly with the sharpness of the alcohol.

Be At One's catalogue offers a little something for everyone.


All in all, Be At One Farringdon is one of many hidden gems in the city with its own secrets to be found and shared with colleagues, friends and nights of celebrations!