Ridley Road Market Bar Chilled Dalston Bar
49 Ridley Road, London, E8 2NP
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

They say no guestlists, no reservations for less than 15 people. This fierce Dalston bar on Ridley Road Market describes itself as a tropical bar and events space that co-operates with its next door ''neighbour''- Luca Italian. Drinks such as the usual pint as well as cocktails such as a ginger mojito are ordered from the bar. If your stomach begins to scream for food, order meatballs from Luca Italian and Ridley's Road Market Bar will be more than happy to allow to eat the meatballs at the bar. Well it ain't only the food and the drinks that'll please you, the interior is hip and funky. Lots of colour, tropical fruits and plant pots all over the place, but it's designed to create a tropical jolly feeling. Come pop by at our little tropical rainforest for some meatballs, drinks and for a dance later on in the evening.

What we say:

This wicked shack in Dalston towards the end of the Ridley Road Market is quite irrestitable with its tropical retro concept. It's a place to go to relax, mingle, indulge Italian meatballs and enjoy tropical cocktails and towards the end of the evening, hit the dance floor and boogie. This is a real East London treasure!