New bar spy - Dub Jam

Rum and Reggae at Covent Garden's Caribbean Kitchen

Dub Jam

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What they say:

Dub Jam brings an "urban beach-bar vibe with the rhythm of summer" to Covent Garden. With an interior decorated with street art and reggae album covers - furnished with lights made from reclaimed buoys and stools made from beer kegs and car wheels - Dub Jam truly captures the beach party spirit. Serving up Jamaican beach barbecue classics such as 'soul rebel skewers' which are marinated in Dub Jam's own jerk seasoning, as well as a variety of Caribbean inspired cocktails, it screams fun. With the rear wall of the bar decorated with stacked speakers playing music from legendary reggae music label Trojan Records, Dub Jam wastes no time in creating the ultimate beach party atmosphere in London's West End.

What we say:

With Red Stripe and an array of rum cocktails on offer, Dub Jam has little problem brightening up even the greyest of London days. Boasting a wall stacked from top to bottom with speakers pumping out reggae, ska and dub music, guests can expect no shortage of tunes from Messrs Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff, as they get to grips with the fun-loving and energetic atmosphere. For a taste of summer and the ambience of a Jamaican beach party in the heart of London, Dub Jam is a vibrant hangout that adds another string to Covent Garden's considerable bow.