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100 Year Old Public Toilet Turns Wine Bar

Published . By Kiran Khattra.

WC Wine & Charcuterie Bar


Now Open

What they say:

Housed below Clapham Common tube station, Wine & Charcuterie Bar has opened on the site of a former 100-year old water closet. Creating an escape from the hustle and bustle of the area, it's a relaxed and intimate affair for Clapham punters to enjoy. The fundamental thing for the owners is for the venue to avoid the classic wine bar labels, and to be approachable and easygoing. Offering a wide selection of wines accompanied with tasty nibbles, WC is the ideal spot to wile away your summer evenings in the courtyard.

What we say:

Not exactly the most typical place to build a wine bar, we are sure the classic Victorian feel will set it apart from the rest. Maintaining as many of the original features as possible, you can expect to see love letters (found behind the partition walls) displayed in the toilets and the 100-year-old mosaic floor. A wine bar without a pretentious feel is rare to find - so it's already off to a promising start! A great selection of wine complimented with a range of charcuterie, cheese and parfait, this will definitely be a Clapham favourite this summer.