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Even midweek, the ambience in Clapham is that of a small social melting pot; aided by the numerous bars, and more specifically, cocktail bars that seem to have popped up over the recent months. I headed to The Southsider Cocktail Club to uncover the myths surrounding their unique drinks.

The Venue

The dark tones, cosy fireplace seating and secluded, raised leather booths, means Southsider is a perfect place for a romantic evening. Yet, the large booths near the front and the separate room next to the bar cater well for larger groups, with the later specifically for private parties, with table service meaning you get more time with your friends and drinks.

Southsider Cocktail Club inside










Cosy fires and booths await you at Southsider Cocktail Club.

The Clientele and Atmosphere

Southsider Cocktail Club has an unassuming front; yet once you have stepped over the threshold you are greeted by a wave of laughter and chatter. The bar attracts a discerning young crowd who often come straight from work. Plus this crowd stayed well into the night; something I found surprising for a South London cocktail bar on a Thursday night, but assurance from behind the bar told me that this was actually quiet for them.

After 11pm Southsider operates a member’s only service, it’s easy to join and means a late night in Clapham can end even later, away from the crowds.

The bar at Southsider Cocktail Club, Clapham










Take a seat at this London bar for front-row seats for all the cocktail action.

The Drinks

Southsider is not called a cocktail club for no reason; there is a passion here for premium cocktails, and you can see from the staff that it’s going to be a good drink. Good cocktail makers are a rare breed. A good mixologist is forever experimenting and tasting, pushing what many others would consider the limits of a cocktail. This perfectly describes the Southsider barmen; their constantly updated menu stems from their desire to push the norms and combine flavours that you would never expect.

So, breathe in the popcorn flavoured air, and sample the snack while you peruse the menu. Try a “Full English Flip” – breakfast in a cocktail – with dehydrated bacon crumbs, maple syrup and Bourbon and you’ll wonder why you never put these delightfully well-matched elements together.

Throughout the night I openly accepted suggestions and found myself enjoying incredible mixes including the Blueberry Pancake Mule, with blueberry Vermouth and cinnamon ginger beer; an Earl Grey infused cocktail, served in a tea cup, complete with tiny macaroon and because I’m a Harry Potter fan; creamy alcoholic Butterbeer.

Butterbeer at Southsider Cocktail Club










A creamy, flavoursome butterbeer awaits Harry Potter fans AND it's alcoholic!


This trip to Clapham's latest triumph leaves me in no doubt that South London have a good thing going. With a constantly changing menu and a friendly and entertaining group of staff, you’ll definitely go back for more!


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