Upon entry it's clear the 3 Monkeys has already cemented itself as a popular destination for a great night out; the anomalous mix of monkeys, karaoke and cocktails makes the 3 monkeys the most exciting new bar in Balham, and already one of the most popular.


The Venue and Ambience

Sipping pomegranate infused Monkey Punch within the sunset-coloured walls of this outstanding venue will leave you feeling like you've taken a mini break to the southern coast of Costa Rica. This is a cocktail bar that really does specialise in cocktails, serving nothing less than the crème de la crème of your favourite drinks, and believe it or not, at a purse friendly amount too.

3 monkeys


The Drinks

Of course the 3 Monkeys serves all the classic cocktails from the trusted Cosmo to the classic Mojito, but don't drift too far off their Signature selection, as these really are like nothing else. The 'Monkey's nuts' - a renowned signature cocktail - is a fantastic and unique take on a whiskey sour, made with Monkey Shoulder whiskey, Frangelico and a healthy dose of sugar syrup; this drink could be approved by the most cynical cocktail connoisseur.



Extra Features 

After indulging in an array of the bar's finest cocktails, it's time to slip downstairs to the 'Monkey Lounge' where the party really gets going. Surrounded by boxes of fancy dress and party animals dancing care-free, the main attraction is clearly the karaoke, where the fun-loving celebrate with a sing-song for all to hear.

 3 monkeeeeeys

 So you'd better hope you've enough Dutch-courage to jump up and join in, as you'd be missing out on what could be the most entertaining night you've ever had. The fun-loving atmosphere of this karaoke party-room sports a 40” HD Screen, disco ball and lighting, as well as (most importantly) a 'thirsty' button – allowing you to beckon for drinks when needed. So you can still play with your guitar - or tambourine if you prefer - and have have your drinks taken care of at the same time.



So if you're looking for a night of fun, frolics and fantastic cocktails, then head to the 3 monkeys as this is the perfect place for you.