Sugar Cane Clapham Cocktail Bar Review

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By Bar Hopper.

How would I describe Sugar Cane? A mini-Mahiki? At least that is how I imagine it since my budget does not stretch to such glamorous, celebrity-riddled nights out in London. Although this is not just my imagination as this Tiki-themed bar a mere five minute walk from Clapham Junction was designed by the same team as Mahiki. Think palm trees outside, and bamboo huts with nooks and crannies aka €œThe Pirate Caves€ inside interspersed with plastic flowers and Hawaiian shirts.

My first visit to Sugarcane was meant to be a flying stop with friends to grab a drink and head onto a house party. One cocktail later €“ at a reasonable £8.50 even outside the 2-for-1 cocktail hour €“ and an intrepid friend and I decided to seek out the toilets before the schlep to the next location. We followed the signs down low-lit stairs at the back of the bar and low and behold, we opened the doors onto a little nightclub. We had no idea, nor did anyone else we were with, that this mini dance floor lay underneath the Hawaiian huts, girls in hula flower leis and sharing cocktails served in plastic boats. We promptly threw the bags on the floor and danced until we were summoned €“ belatedly €“ to the party.

Sugar Cane Bar in Clapham Junction is a tiki-tastic delight to bring the Hawaiian out in you!

And small this dance floor is, with this underground venue at capacity before midnight. The staff soldier on, happily making a range of cocktails from a menu as complete as the upstairs bar with boats full of alcohol and multiple straws sailing off the bar as well as your average beer and wine offerings. Unfortunately you are unlikely to be blown away however you do not come to Sugarcane for a cocktail (mainly overly sweet classics) but to dance as far as the limited space will allow you!

Book yourself and frinds into a Tiki-hut at the Sugar Cane for a P-A-R-T-Y night!

I can€™t help thinking as I describe Sugarcane that it all sounds a bit tacky. And as you sit and tap the plastic rocks of the pirate caves or perch on the wicker chair within your own €œtiki hut€ you may think the same but there is undoubtedly space for Sugarcane in this market. The fact that I have returned several times is testament to that. On other occasions we have soaked up the last rays of sun on their small terrace€¦ and soaked up the days exploits with platters of nibbles including chicken wings, spring rolls and dips; these tasted great though I have to admit we were always famished by the time we hit these platters.

Join the party crowd and get yourself a tiki-cocktail at Sugar Cane Bar in Clapham. 

Personally I think there is a great crowd drawn here. Of course a share of hen parties and birthday bashes descend but the bar design means these groups are well contained and otherwise the crowd seem a little older (under-agers to The Grand please!), professional and overall simply relaxed, kicking back after the working week. The staff are all friendly from the guys on the bar to the bouncers on the door. Perhaps not a great location to seduce on a first date but head along with a group of friends for good times, and being so central in Clapham there are a whole host of options to get home once your feet start to protest to your punishing dance floor work-out...or perhaps that€™s just me€¦