Rise46 is a Clapham cocktail bar and live music venue that draws its inspiration from the 1920’s prohibition speakeasies of Manhattan. The quaint and cosy bar sits on Battersea Rise, on the outskirts of the hustle, bustle and raucousness that is had just a short walk down the road.

The Venue

The ground floor consists of purple velvet and reupholstered seating along one side of the intimate room, supported by silver, classical teacarts as tables and portraits of silent-film stars of yesteryear. The only modern feature is the TV screen playing a loop of classic silent movies, but it does add charm, so we can let that slide. There is seating for 10-12 at the back, closer to the bar, plus a few stools at the bar. There is also a smaller bar and dancefloor downstairs with additional seating – made up of a large comfy chesterfield and matching cube leather seating.

The ground floor at Rise46

The dainty seating at Rise46 is perfect small groups looking for a smart London cocktail bar.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Given its size, making a reservation is highly recommended at Rise46, a trick everyone there seemed to have recognised. This does mean the bar can be quite quiet towards the start of the night; the close knit seating results in a calmer and less raucous atmosphere, and people are less likely to have to shout to hear one another.

After 10pm; the once calmly huddled groups of friends that filled the comfy seats are replaced by handbags and jackets as they take to the dancefloor. The music becomes louder and faster, and cocktails housed in martini flutes are substituted by more robust rocks glasses and G&Ts. The DJ panders to the demand of the crowd, while trying to maintain the 1920s Jazz theme, but alas the music invariably swings back to more well-known tunes. During the week there are live jazz acts, comedy shows and an open mic night to create a bit of variety.

Downstairs at Rise46

Downstairs in the lounge bar area at Rise46 is the ideal place for a more intimate drink.

The Drink

You can choose between no less than 45 cocktails at Rise46, guaranteed to tick every flavour combination. I started off with a Chase vodka martini, while my accomplice went for a ‘Porn Star’ complete with shot of champagne. The cocktails were just perfect; I wouldn’t say I didn’t have high expectations, but I was not expecting to be blown away, which I absolutely was.

My next cocktail was an off-menu drink, a rum and vanilla old fashioned, once again absolutely perfect. Other cocktails we tried included: the Strawberry Mojito, Old Fashioned, Sweet Manhattan and Elderflower Daiquiri. The cocktails were so good, in fact that it is very hard to move on to another – you can’t help but think you have found the best drink at the bar… until your next one.

Rise46 in Clapham

The ground floor Bar at Rise46 is suave and stylish and a great addition to the Clapham bar scene.


I’m no expert on Clapham bars, but I’ve been to a few that weren’t my cup of tea. Rise46 on the other hand may be discrete in posture and size but stands out above the rest in quality and comfort. Very impressed!