Adventure Bar Clapham High Street - London Bar Review

By Laura Jean Buckley.

Amongst an array of beautifully eclectic furniture, the brand spanking new Adventure Bar on Clapham High Street lives up to its already quickly established reputation, not just as a place to party, but as THE place to party.

The Venue

The mix-matched shabby chic vibe is effortlessly cool, with a lightly graffitied exposed red brick interior that sits behind a red neon sign which reads “WAIT HERE I’VE GONE FOR HELP”.

neon light

 The low dangling lighting is reminiscent of something you’d find in a mine shaft, whilst the floor to ceiling windows on the front prevent it from becoming anything close to claustrophobic. The bar still has a wonderfully bijou feel to it, especially towards the back, and nods slightly in the direction of a New York basement bar, without actually being in a basement.


Everything about this bar is an adventure, whether it’s the décor, the drinks, or the clientele; there is nothing bland or mundane about this place - the not-so-subtle porn theme is a great example. But the staff are spirited, welcoming and exorbitantly entertaining. Whether it’s magic tricks or bar-banter they are more than happy to please and yet it still doesn't affect the swiftness of the service in the slightest.

dogging on the common


The Drinks

The cocktails are extraordinary and unique; don’t be surprised if you have a ping pong in your cup or a pina colada made from ice cream, because here that’s normal. The ‘Morning Glory’ is essentially a tequila sunrise, but with a twist; it’s made up with chorizo and mozzarella and served in a miniature frying pan.  It doesn’t get much more unique than that, well, unless you try their Lemon Cheesecake martini of course.




Overall if I took one thing away with me after my visit, it's that the Adventure Bar is a hub of unashamedly quirky fun times. Whether it's the tongue-in-cheek adornments, the wonderfully weird VHS drinks menus or the banterous bar staff; everything is geared up to you letting your hair down and having a ball. The best thing to do is grab your rudely named cocktail, and enjoy the ride!