The Gable, a popular destination in the heart of the city, has recently undergone a complete revamp. I snuck in on the quiet to check out the new look….

What's New?

Given its location The Gable is popular with the City’s worker bees; not always an easy crowd to please. However, the new upgrades look to really solidify the bar as a great destination for not just those working in the area, but also for those searching for a relaxed venue to chill out over few drinks. After all, who wants to partake in the penguin-like huddle most bars experience during the rush-hour period? I don’t!

The Gable Bar MoorgateThe Club area combines an intimate setting with a fun-time dance floor.


Tipples and Nibbles

The newly extended drinks selection means the bar is packed with a great stock of options, ensuring no guest is left wanting; they made up my favourite Dark N Stormy, no questions asked. The shake-up doesn’t stop at the décor and drinks – the food menu has also been elevated. The new-look menu sees the inauguration of some tasty new treats. From what I remember on previous menus, it could only be described as “okay” but some of the best new nibbles include the Lobster Burger w/fries (My personal favourite, £15), Steak Frites (£9.50) and the Chargrilled Beef Burger (£8.50). There is also a great selection of seafood, soups, salads and sandwiches; and all of the burgers are available ‘carb free’ for those fad-dieters out there….not me! Extra bun please.

Food at The Gable MoorgateThe beautifully designed restaurant is a great place for a more formal three-course-meal.


Any Extras?

The Gable’s new ‘long bar’ is another highlight of the refit for me. This new feature introduces an advantage that is somewhat of a novelty in the City – quick and efficient service. Behind the ‘long bar’ you will find a pretty generous happy hour; not only is there 50% off champagne wines and cocktails, but for just £3.50 you can choose from either a beer, a small glass of wine, or a single shot and mixer (happy hours are 5-8pm everyday). If, like me, you’re prone to really enjoying good happy hours, The Gable’s cellar has been transformed into a London themed dance floor for you to let out all those party time moves you’ve been dying to unleash on your unsuspecting friends. When asking what type of music I should expect, I was informed there is a varied, but always upbeat mix of DJs on The Gable’s roster to fuel the good time spirit. I feel Thursdays and Fridays may consist of me getting “filled up” on happy hour drinks and embarrassing my self to Rhianna megamixes downstairs!

The Long Bar at The GableThe Famous 'Long Bar' at The Gable.



City bars in London seldom excite. They seem to rest assured that they will always have custom from undiscerning City boys – who are more concerned with proximity than quality. This is where the Gable might now come out on top; the refurb aims to please and sets it apart from its blander neighbours. Any place that serves Lobster Burgers gets my vote.