Pelt Trader Traditional Cannon Street Craft Beer Pub
Arch 3 Cannon Street, The City, London, EC4N 6AP
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Pelt Trader, located on Cannon Street - in the heart of the City, is a London craft beer sensation that joins the ranks of similar bars and pubs like the Euston Tap and Craft Beer Co Clerkenwell. Pelt Trader claim that the Square Mile probably has the worst range of beer in the UK - something that they are eager to change. With a choice of 30 beers on tap, Pelt Trader have certainly made it their mission to shake up the craft beer scene within the heart of London.

What we say:

The Craft Beer revolution heads to the City! We've seen Craft Beer Co and Euston Tap cause a massive stir in places like Brixton, Islington and Euston and Pelt Trader represents the mecca of Craft Beer for City slickers. The location is a really shrewd move by Pelt Trader offering the City on-trend and unique beers. With 30 beers available on tap, Pelt Trader is a beer lover's paradise and should tap into the city workers market perfectly with those looking for a slightly more interesting beer.