New Bar Spy - Humble Grape Fleet Street

Answer your wine prayers at the new Humble Grape in Fleet Street

Humble Grape Fleet Street


Now Open

What they say:

This summer, there will be more to love about Battersea's Humble Grape--physically speaking of course, as they've opened a second location on Fleet Street. The brand, which focuses on curating wines from relatively-unknown and sustainable vineyards from around the world, hosts a bunch of upgrades at their new digs located just under St. Bride's Church. Humble Grape newbies and lovers alike can expect a larger space in general; with a 200-person maximum capacity, a designated event area, and an 18-seat private dining room. As for the vino and grub, Humble Grape Fleet Street caters to both dine-in and take-out patrons. Guests choosing to stick around have 30+ wines at their disposal to enjoy by glass or carafe, along with some succulent 'humble' plates served by Head Chef, Anna Allan. Those on-the-go can take a gander around the on-site shop, and choose from one of 200 bottles available.

What we say:

Whether you're in need of a quality bottle in a hurry, looking to catch up with mates over the weekend, or have plans to meet mum for a quick, boozy bite, Humble Grape Fleet Street is a versatile-enough venue to please all crowds. Reasonable prices on reliably good wine warrant a huge thumbs up on any front, but for Humble Grape Fleet Street, it's all about location, location, location. The place will house a large dining area, bar, event space, and shop; and in light of its sub-Church setting, we dare say it answers just about any wine-related prayer. In the end, though, we think that will just feel right to enjoy a glass of red or white in a proper cellar.