Craft Beer Co. St Mary Axe Ever-expanding Craft Beer Co. open up shop in London's bustling financial district
29-31 Mitre Street, London, EC31 5BZ
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What they say:

The Craft Beer Co. open their seventh branch in London's busy Aldgate area. Moving into the former residence of the Trident Bar and Restaurant, the team behind this new venture offers the City's revellers a welcoming haunt to unwind in after a long day of number-crunching and stock trading. Doing what they do best, the beautiful bar houses a delectable range of home-brewed cask ales and beers aswell as showcasing the latest creations of some of Britain's most well-establish brewhouses. If that wasn't enough, the fridge is stocked full of an array of ice-cold bottle beers from all over the global. Relax, sit back and gulp down your favourite pint in Aldgate's newest after-work hotspot.

What we say:

The sensation of craft beer has taken hold of London's bar scene with an unrelenting grip. Everywhere you look, new hangouts have opened up, boasting about how they offer an impressive list of cask ales and beers that's capable of competing with the best. Everywhere except for the City. Occupied by sleek offices and in-and-out style eateries, a craft beer bar has long eluded this area; that is until now. The new Craft Beer Co. branch is a breath of fresh air in this sometimes stiff district. With years of experience, the team have a compiled a list of exquisite beers, produced in a number of wonderfully bizarre ways and all infusing a load of flavours together into a golden, frothy blissful blend.