New Bar Spy - Evans & Peel Pharmacy

Evans & Peel swaps leeches for Japanese whisky & cocktails with its new 1920s pharmacy bar

Evans & Peel Pharmacy


Now Open

What they say:

The Evans & Peel name is shifting focus from its detective agency, having opened a pharmacy in the seemingly serene streets of Chiswick. Styled as a 1920s pharmacy, guests must first interact and negotiate their way passed the legendary pharmacist before being let into the secret speakeasy bar. Once inside, find will themselves in a lively den, drenched in prohibition-allure and serving carefully-crafted cocktails that both recreate old recipes and tap into the experimentation that pharmacists were known for in the early 20th century. 

What we say:

The team behind Evans & Peel deserve a lot of credit. After all, they were doing the whole immersive theatre/ 1920s speakeasy thing long before Baz Lurhmann's Great Gatsby hit the silver screen. The Evans & Peel Pharmacy holds onto this theatrical element and forces each guest to live in the 1920s with the legendary pharmacist, even if it is only for a few minutes. Given the inventive streak and high standards of the detective agency, it's no surprise that this new bar serves some of the best classic and themed cocktails in town. In short, we have a hunch this new Chiswick-based Evans & Peel Pharmacy is going to be as big a hit as the group's first venture.