Shaka Zulu - London Bar Review

By Honey Erisen.

Shaka Zulu is a nightclub, bar and restaurant extravaganza that is sitting tidy right by the bustling trendy area of Camden Market, offering all that visit a variety of experiences for whatever type of night. 

The Decor

Shaka Zulu is underground, so when you get to the front door the escalator is ready to lower you into the beautifully sculpted club and you will probably need a moment to take in your surroundings. I certainly did. As soon as you walk in you are greeted with sculpted 3D walls of African tribesman, whole walls and ceilings covered in synchronised sea shells and as you walk in further it gets better with enormously sized African tribal statues, more tribal sculptures, authentic African style seating and tables with chairs upholstered with traditional African patterned fabrics and so much more. From the bars to the seating, expect grandeur with a lot of gold adornments and furnishings, alongside a touch of modern yet chic glamour at Shaka Zulu.

Shaka Zulu


The Food and Drink

The bar being well stacked is a good sign in any club and in Shaka Zulu you can find anything from a huge selection of interesting cocktails to expensive wine and Champagne for the high flyers. The cocktails are very well made to every tiny detail and the bar staff take their time and with a bit of showmanship, creating something pretty to look at as well as exceptionally tasty. Although others around the bar seemed a bit annoyed that the bar staff were taking longer to serve them while they made my four time consuming cocktails, the bar staff didn’t seem fazed and continued with the job at hand.

Shaka Zulu

The restaurant at Shaka Zulu has options on the menu that you would rarely find in any other London restaurant. Crocodile Cigars, Zebra Fillet, Roasted Wildebeest and Buffalo with smoked Parsnips are just a few cuisines to try, among many other interesting and unique dishes. If the choice of meats is putting you off then do not despair, as Shaka Zulu’s menu has also given place to dishes such as Pork Rack of Ribs, Chicken and Apricot Sosakies, Mussels and Oysters in White Wine Sauce, Halloumi Skewers and Lamb T-Bone, also done to very tasty standards. Although the portions are not small, they are not big either. If you are very hungry or you have a big appetite then you may need all 3 courses to fill you up here.


The Atmosphere

The vibe at Shaka Zulu is buzzing; in the bar area, the restaurant and even more so when the lights dim further and you are in Shaka Zulu Nightclub mode. The Bar area is brimming with people dressed to impress, chatting away while they wait their turn to be served and although waiting times can be long at the bar, morale is good and the laughter continues. The music is always spot on current party anthems that is difficult to sit still to. This spacious venue can thank its good atmosphere to many details, such as the good service from entrance to table, busy bar staff and short waiting times for meals to come from the kitchen to your table.

Shaka Zulu



Shaka Zulu is a good all-rounder. Whether you go here for a meal, just drinks, or off to the nightclub, there is no reason not to have a good time. Shaka Zulu is somewhere to party at all night, a beautiful venue to chat and have drinks, an impressive place to book for a private party and celebrate, and a restaurant with an unusual yet sumptuous menu. Definitely one to check out.