New bar spy - Little Havana

Camden's brightest new Cuban bar Little Havana arrives with rum cocktails and Cuban seafood

Little Havana

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What they say:

While we all brace ourselves for the freezing cold and inevitable seasonal affective disorder that’s coming over the next few months, it’s good to have a little tropical retreat – even if it’s just for a meal. Cue Little Havana, the newest slice of South America on Inverness Street in Camden. It’s probably impossible to feel sad once inside thanks to its bright colour scheme and greenery that comes in as many colours as the rainbow. And if you really need to warm up, their dancefloor is open with live music, Latin House DJs and even Salsa classes. 

And for their soft launch until 21st November, you can get 25% off your food bill too.

What we say:

Everyone wants to know one thing when talking about a Cuban bar: is there any rum? The answer is yes, of course, there’s enough rum to satisfy even the most thirsty pirate, coming in the form of all your favourite cocktails, as well as spins on classics, like the Cubanpolitan or the intriguing Rum Old Fashioned. Meanwhile, you can warm your belly with any number of Cuban treats – there’s Cuban sandwiches and Cuban paella, but also belly-teasing dishes like croquetas de bacalao, sold cod fritters topped with crispy cod skin, and barrigada de cerdo asada, which is oven roasted marinated pork belly with mash potato and sweet potato crisps.