Americana mania just isn't going away! And who would want it to? The land that gave us fried chicken, gumbo, gritz and everything super-sized has gained an irreplaceable place on our plates. Blues Kitchen Camden is an American diner/jazz hole with all of the soul and none of the trash. Shiny red benches and plastic burger baskets have no place here! 

The Venue 

Blues Kitchen's glows warmly at weary passers by, promising safe haven from frantic Camden High Street. There is a variety of seating, from teetering stools to sumptuous mahogany leather clad booths. Murals and faded prints of jazz musicians dot the walls, and a statement light resembling trombones but actually made from industrial piping hangs from the ceiling. 

Cosy and comforting, Blues Kitchen has you at ease from the moment you step inside.

Food and Drink

Perplexed by the assortment of equally dreamy dishes on the menu, we decided to leave our foodie fate in the capable hands of the waiter. Sporting an American drawl and clearly devoted to the cuisine, he pointed us towards dishes that crooned rather than shouted from the menu. We were brought deep fried alligator (£13.50) and shrimp to start. I can confirm, it's true what they say about alligator being a glorious textural hybrid of chicken and fish.

Then it was time for catfish (£12.90) and beef ribs (£17.50). The beef ribs promised enough hefty meatiness to catch my eye from the menu, but never the catfish. To my surprise, the subtle flavours of the catfish made it infinitely moreish. Hemingway Daiquiris warmed the embers throughout, rakishly served in champagne glasses with a maraschino cherry in the bottom. 

Picking between this majestically meaty menu will be the hardest decision you make all day.

The Atmosphere

This joint has the kind of authentic atmosphere you can only wish to stumble upon on a Route 66 roadtrip. Floppy haired men and quirky girls unwind easily over beers or bend over ribs. On my visit at 7pm on a Thursday the atmosphere quickly progressed from a gentle murmur to a mischievous buzz. At a music event or a Friday or Saturday, I can imagine this place gets both electric and rather rammed.

The atmosphere quickly slips through the gears as the plates are cleared and the live music kicks in.


Blues Kitchen Camden humbly showcases the bold flavours and dandy sophistication of both the culture and the cuisine. A night at the Blues Kitchen can vary from an intimate dinner to a rowdy night out. Never brash or crude, it welcomes you in its arms and lets you out into the night content and already planning your next visit.