Mayahuel New Mexican Mezcaleria
60-62 Commercial Street Spitalfields, London, E1 6LT
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Mayahuel is a new Mexican Mezcelaria, situated beneath Lupita in Aldgate's Spitalfields area . The bar aims to being a fresh blast of authentic Mexican cocktails to East London. Guests can indulge in some delicious nibbles, Mexicanapés, at the bar; or for a full dining experience in the upstairs Lupita. The main order of the day is tequilla, with all of the margaritas being made with 50ml of 100% Agave - the only way this legendary Mexican cocktail should be made. There is also a whole host of Latin favourites such as mojito, cube libre, caipirinha and bloody mezcals (like a bloody mary but with mezcal instead of vodka). 

What we say:

TEQUILA! TEQUILA! New Mexican Mezcaleria bar, Mayahuel, is set to add some spice in to the East London bar scene. Mayahuel literally means 'goddess of agave'. The particularly well-travelled will know that that this is primary ingredient for tequila. So there are no prizes for guessing the theme behind this bar. Guests can sample some great food from one of London's best Mexican restaurants while sipping expertly made cocktails. Aycaramba indeed