Discount Suit Company Is A Hidden Haunt With Invigorated Spirit

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Last updated . By Georgia Evans.

Us Londoners love a secret bar, whether it be a 20’s style Speakeasy or a hideaway with bookings by appointment-only. So, when this reviewer got the chance to explore her first-ever hidden haunt, Discount Suit Company felt like the perfect place to start.

Discount Suit Company | London Bar Review | DesignMyNight

Discount Suit Company's interiors have a vintage feel. 

Tucked away in the shadow of The Gherkin, with large black shutters pulled down, the bar didn’t really give much away from its exteriors (if you ignore the massive white letters that read ‘Discount Suit Company’ hanging off the walls) until approaching the open door with a staircase leading down to a black curtain. Behind this, lies a cosy drinking den made up of vintage furnishings and mahogany finishes, with a lively crowd of young professionals.

The bar follows a somewhat unconventional approach to creating cocktails, with a loose menu and mixologists whipping up unique blends based on they think you'll enjoy drinking, so we enjoyed both classic and bespoke creations. With my penchant for gin or two, I was naturally attracted to the Kick In The Head (£8.50) made up of gin, bergamot aperitif, velvet falernum, citrus and Umbrella Brewing sparkling cider. The drink was a zingy, invigorating way to start and dangerously easy to guzzle away.

Wooly Back | London Bar Reviews | DesignMyNight

The beautiful Wooly Back had a delicate floral taste. 

Another favourite from the evening was the Wooly Back (£8.50) made up of pisco, white port, coconut and vitamin c, which had a subtle nuttiness and floral undertones. There should also be an honourable mention for the Saturn (£8.50) which combined almond, passionfruit and lime for a wonderfully tropical kick, and the oh-so refreshing Black Rock Clipper (£8.50) given to us at the end of our evening. Made up of Reposado tequila, Branca Menta and Suze, it was served room temperature with no garnish and was jet black under the dimmed lighting. While I must admit it was approached with caution, the drink had a surprisingly delightful mintiness, almost like mouthwash but in the best way, if that makes sense?

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In a city where hidden bars are dotted around every corner, Discount Suit Company stand out from the rest. With a team of expert mixers, they’ll hook you up with beautiful bespoke creations that are just as spirited as the atmosphere.