We Tried The Fun Liverpool Restaurant With A Rooftop Bar, Small Plates And Sippable Cocktails

You'll have seen it popping up on your Insta feed last summer: one of Liverpool's latest restaurant bars, complete with a beaut rooftop terrace. From the team behind Ma Boyle'sTempest on TitheBarn has a lot to prove if it's to match the success of its popular sister venue, or beat the competition in the small plates and sky-high sips department. Could it deliver the goods? I went along to find out.

Tempest On Tithebarn Liverpool Review | DesignMyNight

Industrial interiors? Bookcase nooks? Lush greenery? Tempest on Tithebarn is all kinds of cool.

First impressions are key and, boy, did this gorgeous spot get it right. The stripped-back industrial space uses a mixture of crisp white tiles, foliage, plush sofas and pops of colour to create a sleek look that also doesn't skimp on the homey feel. The disco, funk and soulful pop tunes had me grooving at the table too, which made for a vibrant, yet relaxed, ambience. As somewhere you can wile away the hours with friends or that special someone, the main bar and restaurant area definitely comes up trumps.

Forget Arctic Monkey's Suck It And See, 'share it and see' is more my motto. A stickler for small plates because of this, and my naturally indecisive (a.k.a greedy) nature, Tempest on Tithebarn's menu of comfort food had me all in a spin. Topping that off, you can nab yourself three dishes for just £16, which, upon tasting the quality of the grub here, makes it very affordable too.

Tempest On Tithebarn Liverpool Review Sticky Belly Pork | DesignMyNight

From the tasty food to its swish decor, this restaurant is a class act.

Eventually, decisions were made and the gooey mac & cheese (with added beef brisket, £8) was up first. As the first dish my partner and I ever ate together, it holds a nostalgia that keeps us coming back for more - and this version didn't let us down. The sauce used cheese that is just mature enough, but not too strong that it can't cater to all tastes, while also being creamy and topped with tender beef. An underrated cut, brisket is another food I just can't say no to; turns out there's a lot of those.

Our favourites, however, were the sticky belly pork (£7) and lemon & ginger seabass (£8); the former is melt-in-the-mouth perfect and strikes the perfect balance of spicy to sweet, while the latter fronts flakey flesh and crispy skin with delicate flavouring that doesn't overpower the fish. The crispy hasselback potatoes (£6), garlic & Tempest honey chicken wings (£6.50) and grilled prawn skewers (£7) went a little easy on the garlic for my liking. However, seasoning and cooking skill is exceptional across the board and I was blown away by what was on offer for such little dough.

Tempest On Tithebarn Rooftop Bar Liverpool Review | DesignMyNight

Their rooftop, set to reopen in early April, promises even more eye candy. 

But, did the drinks match the food? In a word: definitely. Their namesake tipple tempest (£8.50), a mix of Crème de Cassis, raspberry vodka, lemon, prosecco and lemonade would make the perfect aperitif, while the rum punch (£9.50) was my standout cocktail, bringing a tiki feel and a heady kick in equal measure. Other favourites included but first, coffee (£8.50), an espresso martini topped with homemade honeycomb, and the amaretto sour (£8.50), which I could've drunk up by the gallon.

But, what's the true joy of Tempest on Tithebarn? Well, their offerings seem endless. From weekend bottomless brunch and wholesome home-baked goods all week long, to DJ sessions, club nights or live music to uncover in their subterranean Kol Box Bar, this is an all-in-one destination. Nights out? Day drinking? Top-notch nosh? They've got all bases covered. 

The DesignMyNight Digest 

In summary, a meal out here will only leave you wanting more. I could return time and time again to try different combos of their small plates, probably still never tiring of the quality, flavour and affordability. Topped off by the bangin' playlist and sexy interiors, Tempest on Tithebarn really pulls out all the stops. My hopes are that they expand their beaut cocktail menu even further too; the more boozy sips the better, right?

  💰 The damage: £84.50 between two.

  📍  The location: 12 Tithebarn Street, L2 2DT.

  👌 Perfect for: Everything from daytime coffees to dates and all the dranks.

 ⭐ Need to know: Their honey is sourced from the roof terrace, with a herb garden still to come.


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