Cheap Drinks in Leeds

Payday's way too far away... we get it, we've all been there  Luckily, this isn't London, so you've got affordable sips in abundance, and you don't even have to go to a dive bar to enjoy them (unless you want to). Whether it's consistent happy hours or pure generosity, take a look at these bars with cheap drinks in Leeds and never say no to a night out again. 

If there's one perfect truth in the world, it's that LGBT venues are the most fun spots around. Not only that, but Blayds Bar also promises the happiest Monday around, with deals on pints, bottles of wine and house doubles all night long.


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Late night party bar Mook is already known for delivering cheap drinks in Leeds, but the Hirst's Yard space doesn't just offer some of the most affordable cocktails in Leeds; with their 2-4-1 happy hour every day of the week, tipples are ludicrously cut price.


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An oldie but a goldie, Whitelocks promises you a good time without burning a hole in your bank account. Make sure you try out their beers; with multiple pumps serving up a variety of great ales and beers, you can get your fill of hops and have some change left over.