Secret Bars in Leeds

Tucked away down back streets, disguised as launderettes, behind a discreet door; knowing where to find the clandestine spots is half the fun. While you might be clueless to this hidden world of backstreets and speakeasies, you'll be in for a treat when you discover some of the best drinks in town. Learn the secret knocks and practice those hushed passwords to be welcomed into these covert hideaways with our guide to the best secret bars in Leeds.

Last updated on 14th November 2019

Tiki Hideaway

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2 for £12 on Cocktails, 7-9pm Wed - Sat

What happens when famous bars harbour a secret? Things like Tiki Hideaway happen. This South Pacific paradise is found on top of Call Lane Social and is brimming with Hawaiian shirts, surfing trinkets and puffer fish lights that'll make you really believe you are on holiday.