Secret Bars In Leeds

Tucked away down back streets, disguised as launderettes, behind a discreet door; knowing where to find the clandestine watering holes is half the fun. While you might currently be clueless to this hidden world of basement cocktail spots and intimate speakeasies, that's all about to change as we enlighten you with our guide of the best secret bars in Leeds.

Last updated on 29th March 2023

Blind Tyger

Located above Sandinista, Blind Tyger is a secret bar in Leeds serving up award-winning cocktails. Expect a Victorian lounge aesthetic with an abundance of quirky decorations and cosy booths, accompanied by a soundtrack of classy soul, jazz and blues.

Vice & Virtue

Upstairs you'll find one of the city's best fine dining restaurants, but venture downstairs and you'll discover Vice & Virtue's speakeasy-style drinking den. Chic interiors are paired with quirky cocktails made with premium spirits and garnished to perfection.