Secret Bars in Leeds

Tucked away down back streets, disguised as launderettes, behind a discreet door; knowing where to find the clandestine spots is half the fun. While you might be clueless to this hidden world of backstreets and speakeasies, you'll be in for a treat when you discover some of the best drinks in town. Learn the secret knocks and practice those hushed passwords to be welcomed into these covert hideaways with our guide to the best secret bars in Leeds.

While the queues at night might give away its location, this clandestine spot could easily be missed. However, once inside, you'll find a fabulous restaurant bar by day – serving up Mediterranean and Middle Eastern tapas – and by night you get one of the best nightclubs in town.

Tucked away below Vice & Virtue, the Vice bar is a real hidden gem. Whether you're looking for after work drinks or the ideal date night spot, head here for a selection of quirky cocktails made with premium spirits and garnished to perfection.

The Maven

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You've walked down Call Lane so many times and never caught a glimpse of The Maven? Don't worry, you're not alone, as this quirky hideaway is a prohibition style speakeasy with a menu filled with devilishly stylish cocktails that accompany its 1920s interior.

Blind Tyger should only be sought out by those after a real drink. This hidden bar is located above the Sandinista; with a Victorian lounge aesthetic that is all quirky trinkets, cosy booths and broody atmospheres with a soundtrack of classy soul, jazz and blues.