Allow us to set the scene. You’re at one of London’s prime late-night spots, watching the sun rise from 31 floors above the metropolis, and you’re cutting all manner of shapes to some of the city’s very best DJs. All good so far, right? But hold on; you’ve also got a four-course, Michelin-standard breakfast for company too.

Well, it beats your usual ill-advised burger and chips combo, right?

Welcome to Always Past Midnight @ Zinc, a super classy clubbing experience unlike anything else you’ll find in town. To start with, the folks at APM only get the party started at 2.30am, about the time that the true hedonist is getting into their stride. It’s from here that they slip seamlessly through the gears, inviting dazzling DJs to take the stage while guests sup on fantastic drinks and get to work on tearing up the dance floor.

But it’s at that stage when one needs a brief respite from those dance floor antics that APM really comes into its own. Guests are able to chow down on delicious treats as far afield as butter milk and vanilla waffles, eggs benedict and sirloin beef burgers in anticipation of one final triumphant return to the dance floor before proceedings are wrapped up at 7.00am.

As if all that wasn’t enough, a portion of APM’s profits goes to FOUR Foundation’s fight to combat hunger around the world, too.

You can find APM @ Zinc at 101-103 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1DD on Fridays and Saturdays between 2.30am and 7am.