Football Pubs in Glasgow

Ah the beautiful game. Nothing beats a great game of footy, whether it's a Saturday afternoon derby, or a European head-to-head of a Wednesday night. But why watch the action from your telly at home, when you can be down the pub with a big screen in front of you, a pint in hand, shoulder to shoulder with your best friends and worst rivals. There are some cracking football pubs in Glasgow, with big screens and great vibes on match days. So for all your SPL, premiership, and international tournament needs, check out our guide to football pubs in Glasgow. 

Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow

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Waxy O'Connors are mad about all things sport so it's little wonder it's also one of the best football pubs in Glasgow. Park yourself in this Merchant City pub on match days for incredible banter, and pint loads of big screen action. 

Walkabout Glasgow

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The Aussies might be better known for their rugby skills, but that doesn't mean this Australian bar isn't a sucker for soccer. The City Centre bar screens all the action on a big screen as well as smaller ones around the bar, so never again miss a match while hopping out for some schooners with your buddies.