Best Places For Steak in Glasgow

Delicately dripping in bearnaise sauce. Accompanied by a pillowing mound of rustic chips. Well done or simply rare. However you like your steak, Glasgow is the best place to find it. More than fond of the food, our city's restaurants are brimming with meaty bites that cater for all dining preferences, from high-end to affordable cuts. Check out our recommendations for the best places to eat steak in Glasgow.

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

The Spanish Butcher

2 user reviews 5

It's found in the very heart of Glasgow, and it's not shy when it comes to adding a European energy to its plates. Spanish and proud of it, join The Spanish Butcher as they churn out some of the finest steak in town in a strictly cool enviroment.

Alston Bar & Beef

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The perfect steak restaurant in Glasgow for a special occasion, Alston Bar & Beef are taking their meat dishes to new heights. While remarkably classic in their production, the steak dishes at Alston are practically cooked to perfection as you prompt your cut to come as well-done, medium or rare.

Meat Bar

3 user reviews 4

When it comes to beef, Meat Bar lay out their restaurant claim directly in their name. While another steak restaurant in Glasgow that's also heralded for their burgers, it's the humble steaks that make for a charming meal out, whether that's for a date night or with friends thanks to its casual dining atmosphere. 

The McMillan

4 user reviews 2

While relatively new on the scene when it comes to a steakhouse in Glasgow, McMillan is a restaurant that has seemingly shot up the ranks and meaty ratings. Not only providing a luxe dining experience in the city, their steak options are traditional and more than meaty.