Themed Bars in Glasgow

We all need to escape every one in a while. Get away from it all and feel like we're somewhere a little different. Luckily you don't have to flee Glasgow, to be transported to another world. There are some cracking themed bars in Glasgow, where escaping the every day is what it's all about. So whether you fancy a trip to the South Pacific or the Deep South, whether you want a Bavarian beer or a Cajun cocktail, some of the city's best bars can take you away from it all, and then some. 

Walkabout Glasgow

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An unwavering tribute to all things Australian, Walkabout is a haven for unhinged revelry, screening sports shows and some jock behaviour to make it all the more fun. Whether you're from the land down unda or just love how the Aussie's do, come and party with the rest of them. Beer, cocktails and wine await. 

If you want to feel a cool Tahitian breeze in your hair, the sand between your toes and a fruit rum concoction in your tum, then the Tiki Bar on Bath street is a themed Glasgow bar to take you away from it all. With genuine tropical drinks, served in genuine tropical vessels, all you need is to stick a grass skirt on, and you have yourself a bona fide tropical night out in Glasgow. 

Flat 0/1

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Flat 0/1 is themed on... a flat. With a granny not-so-chic vibe, this place looks like a muddled up student pad, meets the set of Only Fools and Horses. Retro sofas, a bed in the corner, seventies style orange kitchen cabinets, and an array of offbeat knick-knacks that would make your Granny coo. If you're looking for a themed bar in Glasgow that's modeled on your Aunt Breda's flat circa 1978, Flat 0/1 on Bath Street, might just be up your (and her) street. 


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Lebowski's on Argyle Street is an entire bar dedicated to the Dude. This movie themed bar in Glasgow has a massive picture of the man himself overlooking proceedings while a line of bowling skittles greets customers as they enter the cool Glasgow bar. The menu is an ode to the film, with burgers titled after the movie and an extensive selection of White Russians complete with character quotes. Whether you're a movie buff or a Dude fan, you'll find Lebowski's a real treat.