A Game of Thrones-inspired wine-tasting event is coming to Edinburgh this month

Published . By Nenseh Koneh.

Game of Thrones inspired bar, Blood and Wine

Game of Thrones-inspired wine tasting event will serve wines resembling those of the seven kingdoms.

With the highly anticipated final season of Game of Thrones to air after a 20-month drought for fans, there's no better way to kick off the return of the show than with some wine-tasting. On the 14th of April (the day our beloved show will come back to end our suffering), the Pop-Up Geeks will host a massive wine-tasting event at the Game of Throne's themed bar, Blood and Wine. Fans will get the chance to try the closest real-world wines to those those described in George R. R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. 

With three different time slots to choose from throughout the day, the event is expected to have a 50-foot map of Westeros and authentic medieval food options fit for all the lords and ladies of Edinburgh. Attendees will also get to take home some sweet merch including a Blood and Wine tasting glass, and a wax sealed scroll that details all the wines and regions they will experience during the event. 

The Game of Thrones-inspired wine tasting event will take place the 14th of April at Blood and Wine, 27 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8FS.