Best Brunch in Cardiff

Everyone from America to Europe loves brunch, so of course Cardiff has caught onto the best culinary trend. But even as lovely as it is, the dishes aren’t all avocado and salmon on toast: no, the best Cardiff brunch restaurants have everything from delicious breakfast burgers to vegan full Welsh breakfast. So read our list of the best brunch in Cardiff and fill that post-breakfast, pre-lunch itch.

Boasting rustic interiors with whitewashed walls next to exposed brickwork, wooden panels and low hanging lightbulbs, it's certainly one of the most quirky bars in Cardiff. The kitchen offers everything from Full Welsh (with a veggie alternative), gluten-free pancake stacks and eggs topped with things like spinach, smoked salmon, halloumi and bacon. 

Anna Loka, the cool vegan bar, serves up delicious meat-free dishes using fresh and natural ingredients to deliver something equally healthy as it is wonderful. Meanwhile, you'll be sitting in an interior of wooden furnishings set against cool murals and an open bar area.