Secret Bars in Cardiff

Cardiff’s bar and club scene is amongst the most lively in the UK, but did you know there’s also a collection of super-secret drinking dens hidden away somewhere in the city? We won’t lie - tracking down some of these bars is a job in itself, but manage to do so and you’ll soon be enjoying drinks in some of the coolest, most sought-after spots around. Read on for our complete guide to the best secret bars in Cardiff.

Last updated on 12th November 2019

Don't be fooled by the fairly non-descript and unassuming exteriors; one of the best secret bars in Cardiff lies just next to the Big Sleep Hotel. Come if you're fed up of the same old vibes in the same old places - Porter's has everything from comedy and cabaret to live gigs and film screenings until late throughout the week, and there's even a mini golf course in the courtyard.

Welcoming a very select, tiny group of people for moonshine and other illicit drinking on Saturday evenings,  The Blind Tiger is Prohibition-style boozing done right. Head to Depot where you'll need to whisper a password to the bootleggers in exchange for a table and take steps to cover your tracks so those pesky feds don't come a-calling.