Marwood - Lounge Bar Review

Higgledy piggledy, hoity toity and a darling destination for peculiar wares, who knows what you'll find at Marwood (we don't think they particularly know either). A charming cafe bar brimming with off kilter kitsch, Marwood is a truly Brightonian endeavour for early evening tipples.

The Venue

Is it a junkyard? Is it a cafe? Is it a bar? Is it a cavern of treasure? Mark the Marwood down as all four. Tucked down a little Lanes alley and housed in what might as well be your Nan's pad, I didn't spot the Marwood at first. Tuck on into a room of mis-matched furniture, a main bar and set of stairs taking you to another cavern of quirky collectibles and cushty nooks. Looking for a little fresh air? Head on back downstairs where a blick-clad garden of bunting and more scally wag furniture awaits. It's intimate, it smells of old books and I wanted to touch everything. 

marwood brighton venue review

A haven for those that collect anything and, er, everything, Marwood is a cool cavern of oddities and dated wares.

The Food and Drinks

Having dabbled in brunch at Marwood, I can completely and utterfly vouch for the stuff. Their 'Devil's Toast' is a hearty plate of chorizo, goat's cheese and toast, drizzled in balsamic vinegar for a mere £5.95. Hangovers have an enemy in Marwood thanks to their delicious plates of good ol' fashioned home-made fare. Whilst Marwood is still only open until 11pm and wont be renowned for their drinks collection just yet (here's begging for a boozie slushie come summer), they did boast a charming selection of beers and wine at pretty affordable prices. And c'mon, they're liquid staples enough I'd say. 

marwood brighton bar review

A top notch destination for brunch and early evening tipples alike, the menu is humble but ample.

The Atmosphere

It seems like punters come in all shapes and ages at Marwood.  From local students lucky enough to know about Marwood, to locals who've had it on their regular turnover for as long as they can remember, there's definitely a cosy community air here. A romantic little doozie too thanks to its nooks and walls laced in enough conversation to last you a lifetime, Marwood is humble and buzzing with a subtle hum all night long. 

marwood cafe bar brighton review

A subtle buzz sweeps through Marwood on any given night thanks to its local crowd and charming punters.


Don't expect the nudging of elbows and a rude scurry on the dance floor, the Marwood simply won't stand for it. Expect a cosy cavern of quirky endeavours, candle-lit tipples and a collection of Star Wars collectibles that will have you reminiscing of adolescent AT-AT's.