New Bar Spy - The Vurger Co. Brighton

The Vurger Co. Could Be Bringing Plant-Based Patties And Boozy Shakes To The Lanes Very Soon

The Vurger Co. Brighton


2020 TBC

Looking to secure a spot in the new Hanningtons Lane complex, The Vurger Co. could be bringing its line-up of mouthwatering plant-based burgers to Brighton in the coming months. Having made a splash in London with its entirely vegan menu of patties, wraps and milkshakes, the casual restaurant brand are now looking to expand outside of the capital - and where better than one of the country's most vegan enclaves? 

The Brighton Place eatery will be serving up the same delicious bites that have seen it become such a hit in other parts of the country. Their burger patties go beyond your average bean burger, with a range of veggie treats including aubergine and chipotle, vegan 'chicken' and Beyond Meat offerings, alongside jerk jackfruit wraps and innovative sides. 

They've got a nice selection of boozy shakes to see you into the later part of the night too. Grab your flavour of choice - be that Oreo, Biscoff or Banana Caramel - and throw in a slug or two of rum or whisky to really get the party started.

The Vurger Co. are also dedicated to sustainability, fronting a "zero to landfill policy" that sees even its packaging using plant-based material to make sure it's entirely compostable.