New Bar Spy - Kitgum Kitchen

Brighton's Most Popular Pop-Up Kitchen Is Opening Its First Restaurant On Preston Road

Kitgum Kitchen


2020 TBC

Previously one of the most popular food pop-ups in Brighton, Kitgum Kitchen has now snagged itself a top spot on Preston Road for its first bricks and mortar venue. The brainchild of Fayaz Amlani and his partner Susie Bates, the food takes inspiration from both Indian and East African cooking, with dishes such as Kenyan potato fritters, michkaki, Ugandan chapati and Kitgum chicken samosas jostling for space on their mouthwatering menus. 

Amlani's parents were part of the wave of Indians expelled from Uganda under Idi Amin. Despite being uprooted to the UK, they stayed true to their roots when it came to cooking, mixing the flavours of the the Swahili coast with more traditional West Indian dishes to craft the fusion cuisine that inspired their son to launch Kitgum Kitchen.  

Having operated kitchen residencies in some of the Brighton's best bars, including The Mesmerist, The Signalman, Street Diner and UnBarred Brewery, Amlani and Bates launched a Crowdfunder campaign that gained them a further £9,500 investment, giving them the final boost needed to secure their Round Hill site.