The Black Dove - Pub Review

Kemptown? Where is the Devil's nostrils is Kemptown? If you're not a Brighton regular or local you may not know this up and coming suburb. But if you are? I'm pretty sure you've heard of eccentric boozer The Black Dove and its quirky amenities.

The Venue

Enough room to swing a cat in? Whilst I don't suggest that you do this, it's about the kind of space that you're working with at The Black Dove, but heck, that's what makes this Brighton boozer so charming. Upstairs, The Black Dove screams of Victorian classicism, from the chesterfield sofa's and the candelabra's to walls teaming with vintage art and bronze ceiling fans; But downstairs, now that is a gem of a den. A galleon inspired getaway the width of a narrowboat, boasting low ceilings, cracking vintage collectibles, intimate bench-ware and antiquarian assets, this secret cotch is a hearty hideaway.

Black Dove Review Brighton 1

A love letter to the Twentieth Century, The Black Dove is a darling den of vintage treasures throughout.

The Drinks

Let me start by saying Dan, you da man. I recommend you seek this chap out behind the bar and ask him to recommend a cocktail. He may chuckle at you at first, but watch him get in to his swing and you're giddy. Taking our tastes in his stride, Dan presented us with a selection classic cocktails all starting from around £6 that The Black Dove have adapted to their own making, from a bold take on the Espresso Martini to a classic Mojito. My final cocktail was a treat on the lips, not necessarily the liver. Suggesting my favourite liquour and letting the bar man do the rest, I was treated to a tiny stein glass of three rum shots, a lethal cocktail that I was amazed contained no mixer at all, purely because it tasted so grand. 

Another notable mention about The Black Dove is their beer selection, whilst i'm no hearty hop drinker, The Black Dove boast a booming selection of international bevvies from Juniper Pale Ale and Milk Stout to Organic Lager.

Black Dove Brighton Review 2

From creative cocktails to a unique selection of beer in Brighton, The Black Dove caters to a multitude of tastes.

The Atmosphere

Lit by the flicker of candlelights, surrounded by Twentieth century junk and brimming with cosy nooks; if The Black Dove isn't a romantic, then i'm doomed to single-dom forever more. Not necessarily the place for rowdy jaunts around the dance floor but boasting the sumptuous sounds of be-bop, The Black Dove has maintained an air of broody mystery, making quiet drinks on a Thursday night are rather regal yet cosy feeling affair. From local creatives to those supping their selection of cracking craft beer, The Black Dove has no particular clientele, unless happy clientele is what you're looking for.

Brighton Black Dove Pub Review

Broody and moving with the motions, The Black Dove is intimate and enticing all at the very same time.


I'm not quite sure who this review is in thanks to.... Is it Dan, our charming bartender who laughed at our bad banter, gave us some cracking tips and whipped us up a cocktail frenzy? Or is it The Black Dove, for being a quirky light in a seemingly dark 21st Century pub tunnel? Either way, The Black Dove is a charming off kilter boozer that is sure to keep those after something off the beaten track coming back in for more.