With burgers on the brain and 9-5 jobs to scourn, Matt and Rory, with their penchant for great patties, said goodbye to their routine and hello to Burgerville - population: them. Whilst Matt may have been a vegetarian for 20 years, his welcome return to the tasty side left the pair to develop a sumptuous selection of American inspired burger recipes and bring them to the Brighton masses; leading them to introduce their party in the mouth patties to one of the most well known pubs in the city, but where you wonder?

Half Man Half Burger Brighton

Head down to The Marlborough every Saturday for a slathering of mustard, 'slaw and premium beef patties. 

Undertaking their next venture, Matt and Ryan have brought their Half Man! Half Burger! enterprise to one of Brighton's oldest and most infamous pubs, The Marlborough. Every Saturday from 1-10pm (can we get a post 9pm shots HOLLA), Half Man! Half Burger! will be serving the hoardes of Brighton burger zombies with a premium selection of creatively crafted burger buns, locally reared Sussex beef, fiery flavours and sweet-ass sauces, from Whisky BBQ numbers to Cholula Hot Sauce. 

Our recommendation? Lock 'yer lips around the 'The Vintage' where Half Man! Half Burger! merge their own HMHB smokin' sauce and Monterey Jack cheese with mustard mayo and their premium Sussex pattie.