Valentine's is on the horizon, and it's giving you the grumbles. Better suited to darker undertones and broody kegs of rum? Yup, Kraken thought so too. Inviting those with a lacklustre relationship with love for a wholly different Valentine's Day experience, Kraken Rum has teamed up with heralded 1920s prohibition plot The Mesmerist for a bash better suited to the darkening pits of the ocean. 

Broody, moody and laced in rum, this Kraken Vs. Cupid party is sure to hold The Mesmerist in high (anti) Valentine's esteem.

Held this Friday 14th from 8pm (and free entry at that, you sprightly things) Kraken Rum will be enveloping The Mesmerist in its gloomy tentacles for a Valentine's Day party where the dark reigns supreme. From a venue overhaul seeing The Mesmerist turned into an 'inky den', to the scattering of black rose petals, Kraken Rum take on cupid in this ultimate showdown. Also hosting a selection of cracking cocktails whipped up with their rich, dark rum in mind, Kraken will be serving the likes of their 'Black Heart' and 'Love Punch'.