london road regeneration brighton

Who'd have thought that we'd see such a sprightly spark in the toosh of London Road? Now, we eat our words.

While many once once hunched at the thought of embarking on an afternoon or a night out in London Road, solely setting their sights on our ever infamous Lanes and North Laine, we're soon to be pleasantly surprised by the fire ignited in this once dishevelled suburb.

From the reduction in crime rates and a 7% uptake in vacant premises from 2012-2013 to an £83,000 Portas Pilot scheme, London Road is ever on the up; but hold your hungry horses, there's more. Thanks to such an avid investment and the opening of their stall savvy Open Market in May, London Road also has a few name faces to add. From the opening of burger babes MEATliquor in 2013, the vintage theatrics of cafe bar Emporium and the soon to be craft beer cavern that is The Hare and Hounds at its very peak, London Road has some fine fare to add to its bespoke new roster, with more set to be on the way. 

Question this London Road rejuvenation? Naw, embrace it and down right taste it!