The Legend of Tuaca

By Katie Kirwan.

Tuaca Brighton Liquer

It's not mysterious and no chums, it's not hard to come by, but Tuaca is most certainly one of Brighton's most elusive tipples. Want to be in the know? You need only order a shot.

Hailed by the Urban Dictionary as getting 'Tuaca-ed' and urging you to do 'crazy things you normally wouldn't and don't remember', this Brighton born liqueur landed itself in the city with celebrity status to say the least. When people holler at the bar shouting 'LOOK AT THAT RUDDY LEGEND', they're not talking about any man or woman, they're likely pointing at a shot of this vanilla and citrus flavoured liqueur. From weddings and themed nights to shot rounds, Tuaca has found itself in and amongst nearly every vein of Brighton's nightlife, with even those out-of-towner types looking to try this sweet, sweet nectar.

And whilst we urge you all to try the tipple, it is a Brighton right of passage, the moral of this story is drink sensibly, play safe and keep your clothes on, no one wants to see that.