This weekend saw the sad passing of one of Brighton's most beloved live music venues, The Blind Tiger Club. The closure has come as the unfortunate result of a series of noise complaints, issued by a hostile individual living above the venue.

A staple of the independent music scene in Brighton has closed its doors on account of noise complaints. 

Whilst local rumours have been circulating for some time, the news has come as quite a shock to music lovers across the country: a press release on The Blind Tiger's website outlines their efforts to fight the issue on several fronts (soundproofing, turning the volume down, rehousing). Unfortunately, their efforts proved futile and the inevitable closure of the venue became an uncompromising prospect. 

The site has functioned as a licenced live music venue for the last one hundred and sixty three years, taking the form of a modern music venue under the apparel of 'Hector's House'. For the last three years, The Blind Tiger has embodied the wildly creative spirit that lies at Brighton's very essence, a resource run by local people to provide a platform for local, independent and off kilter events, rather than for private and distant profit. The bar dressed itself in oddly mismatched furniture, draping itself proudly in garden bunting and showcasing more than its fair share of knick knacks. The venue hosted a plethora of unique events and bizarre shindigs, whilst the stage stood as the backbone of the independent music scene in Brighton

Godspeed The Blind Tiger Club, we salute you!

Sign the petition to have the abatement notice issued to The Blind Tiger Club repealed.